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FIT Event Commission Policy

Purpose of policy

This policy is intended to provide direction and detail how the event arm of Touch globally is to be managed within, and under the guidelines of, the Federation of International Touch (FIT). Within this context, this policy details the position and responsibilities of the FIT Event Commission in providing global standards for event management.

Policy scope and application

FIT is the international governing body for Touch and manages all aspects of the sport. A key area of focus is the holding of FIT endorsed events with the Event Commission playing a lead role in the ongoing development of Touch globally. The Event Commission is committed to the continuous development and innovation in event programs that are facilitated, and delivered, by FIT to National Touch Associations (NTAs).

The Commission works closely with NTAs to progress event management within their respective region by providing expert advice, FIT endorsed courses, programs and resources, and facilitating networking opportunities to share ideas and experiences.

The policy applies to the following FIT endorsed event programs:


Definitions identified below are specific to this policy and are critical to its effectiveness:

means the body consisting of the Directors as described in the FIT Constitution 2011, Rule 28.
Federation of International Touch
means the peak body for the administration of Touch throughout the world. The objects for which the Federation (FIT) is established and maintained are described in the FIT Constitution 2011, Rule 3.
National Touch Association
means an entity recognised under the FIT Constitution 2011, Rules 11 and 12 as the primary recognised peak governing body of Touch in each country with the object to promote, encourage foster, develop, extend, govern and control the sport of Touch in that country.
means an area as defined by the FIT Board.
means the sport or game played under the rules determined by FIT from time to time.

Regulatory background


Policy statement

FIT recognises the critical role that FIT endorsed events has in promoting and developing Touch globally. FIT is committed to ensuring NTAs are provided with the opportunity to attend and participate in regular, quality events.

Event Commission policy

  1. Purpose of the FIT Event Commission
    1. To provide global standards for:
      • Event education programs.
      • Event competencies.
      • Event assessments.
      • Event performance and appointments.
    2. Make recommendations to the FIT Board regarding event management, by and within, NTAs.
  2. FIT event support for Regions/NTAs
    1. To progress and support the staging of events within each Region/NTAs, FIT aims to:
      • Provide expert advice and mentoring in event management ensuring activities reflect a commitment to best practice and ongoing development.
      • In consultation with the relevant NTA, develop the necessary Agreements/documentation, including the Host Nation Agreement, Participation Agreement, and Rules and Regulations, that may be required for the holding of a FIT endorsed event, for endorsement by the FIT Board.
      • Develop FIT event education resources and provide education programs through courses, seminars and other activities.
      • Identify and endorse suitably qualified and experienced personnel to assist in the development and delivery of event education programs.
      • Conduct surveys within Member NTA’s to identify, enhance and develop global standards in event management.
      • Provide networking opportunities for NTA’s to share ideas, experiences and initiatives for their ongoing development in event management.
    2. The Event Commission may make recommendations to the FIT Board in relation to any potential changes and/or additions to the above purposes.
  3. Event requests and proposals
    1. All Event requests and proposals (including requests for the sanction of FIT endorsed Test matches and FIT Event Classification), and for event education programs are to be submitted to the Event Commission on the FIT Event Commission Request Form for endorsement.
    2. Event endorsement lead times are detailed in the FIT Event Classification Policy.
    3. To ensure that event education programs are delivered at a high standard the Event Commission will establish and maintain a Register of Presenters, with the following criteria set for presenters to deliver event programs, education programs, and seminars:
      • Must have the endorsement of the FIT Event Commission to undertake event education programs, and/or seminars for NTA Members.
      • Must submit a report detailing the outcomes of the delivered program, in accordance with the Event Commission Request form as submitted by the NTA.
  4. FIT event calendar
    1. The FIT Event Commission will maintain an Event Calendar for all NTA Members that includes:
      • International events.
      • NTA National events.
      • Regional events.
    2. The Event Commission will maintain and publish the Event Calendar on the Federation website.
  5. FIT event historical information and register
    1. The FIT Event Commission will manage all historical FIT event information by maintaining an FIT Event Historical Register that records the details and results of all International events and NTA National and regional events.
  6. Membership of the Event Commission
    1. The Event Commission, appointed by the FIT Board in accordance with the FIT Constitution 2011, Rule 36, shall consist of:
      • Commission Chair.
      • Commission Member - Minimum 3 - Maximum 5
      • FIT Board Representative - FIT Sport Development Director
  7. Appointment of Event Commission Chair and Members
    1. The term of the appointment will be from the date of appointment to one month after the next election of Board members (approximately four (4) year cycle). In the event that the FIT Board does not appoint the FIT Event Commission Chair and Members prior to the expiry of their individual terms of appointment, the Chair and Members may continue in office past the expiry date of appointment to maintain continuity of service until the FIT Board makes new appointments.
    2. Appointments made during the four year cycle and between Annual General Meetings will conclude as per the timeframe detailed above.
    3. Nominations must be submitted to the FIT Secretary General in accordance with the advertised requirements.
    4. Nominations for the Event Commission Chair are to be assessed and approved by the FIT Board.
    5. Nominations for the Event Commission Members are to be assessed and approved by the Event Commission Chair, after consultation with, and endorsement by, the FIT Sport Development Director and FIT Board.
    6. All nominees will be formally advised by the FIT Secretary General of the outcomes of the decision.
    7. The Position Description which details the key responsibilities and selection criteria for the positions of Event Commission Chair and Event Commission Member are linked.
  8. FIT Member Protection Declaration and FIT Volunteer Agreement:
    1. On appointment, the Event Commission Chair and members are required to complete and sign the following:
  9. Vacancy of FIT Event Commission Chair or Member
    1. Circumstances in which the position of Event Commission Chair or Member becomes vacant by virtue the position holder:
      • Dies.
      • Resigns.
      • Becomes an employee of FIT.
      • A decision by the FIT Board and/or Event Commission Chair regarding termination as a result of the position holder:
        • Having acted in a manner unbecoming or prejudicial to the objects and interest of FIT and/or Touch.
        • Having brought FIT into disrepute.
        • Not having carried out the duties and responsibilities as detailed in the relevant Position Description of Event Commission Chair or Member, or as directed.
    2. The process for the Event Commission Chair or Member to submit a formal resignation is as follows:
      • All resignations must be in writing.
      • Resignation by the Chair must be to the FIT Board.
      • Resignation by Members must be to the Event Commission Chair.
    3. The process for filling a vacancy is to be in accordance with Section 6.7.
  10. Reporting by the Event Commission
    1. The Event Commission Chair will report as requested to the FIT Sport Development Director prior to the FIT Board meetings.
    2. The Event Commission Chair will ensure the Event Commission policy and activities align with FIT strategic and operational plans, events program, as well as other activities being undertaken by the various FIT Commissions and Committees.
    3. The progress of the Event Commission will be a standard agenda item for the FIT Board governance video conferences until determined otherwise.
  11. Financial Operations of the Event Commission
    1. Membership of the Event Commission is on a volunteer basis for which no fees or remuneration will be paid.
    2. Authorised operating expenses of the Event Commission are to be met by FIT and/or the relevant Member Country NTAs.
    3. No expenses (incurred by the Event Commission) will be paid by FIT unless the FIT Board gives prior written approval.
  12. Annual review of the Event Commission
    1. The continued operation and membership of the Event Commission shall be reviewed annually by the FIT Board at or around the time of each Annual General Meeting.


Enquiries in relation to this policy should be directed to the FIT Sport Development Director.

Refer to the following related policies and documents:




This document has been authorised by:

Approval Authority
Responsible Officer
Sport Development Director
Date first approved
6 June 2016
Date last amended
3 September 2016
Effective start date
6 June 2016
Date to be reviewed
1 October 2017