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FIT Event Structure & Seeding Policy

Purpose of policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide event managers and participants with a uniform process for determining event structure that removes ambiguity and subjectivity for all FIT events.

Policy scope and application

This policy applies to all events classified as Tier 1-2 according to the FIT Event Classification Policy.

Tier 3 events are bilateral and do not require seeding or tournament constructs.

Event managers responsible for delivering Tier 4-5 events are encouraged to adopt this policy in so far as it is applicable.


Age group
an upper or lower date of birth boundary used to distinguish eligibility
a gender qualifier used to distinguish eligibility
the combination of an age group or open age group with a category
Open age group
the absence of an upper or lower date of birth boundary
Round robin
a tournament in which each competitor plays in turn against every other
process of ordering teams based on prior performance in an attempt to equally distribute strength across pools
Serpent distribution
the process of distributing seeded entities by snaking from left to right, down, right to left, down, and continuing until all entities are expired.

Regulatory background


Policy statement

FIT is committed to ensuring all events provide the opportunity for the best teams to meet in the finale of every division.

FIT events must have an operating environment where the use of preliminary pools is atypical. Competing constraints of event duration, available space, number of teams and player welfare considerations can occassionally encumber this goal. It is in such cases this policy provides the framework on how to proceed despite these impediments, in line with the FIT objective above.

FIT event structure & seeding policy


It is always preferable that preliminary stages of an event are a round robin of cycle one. If time permits subsequent cycles may be included on the proviso that all cycles are complete.



Enquiries in relation to this policy should be directed to the FIT Event Commission Chair.




This document has been authorised by:

Approval Authority
Sport Development Director
Responsible Officer
Event Commission Chair
Date first approved
25 October 2016
Date last amended
24 October 2018
Effective start date
24 October 2018
Date to be reviewed
1 October 2020