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FIT Recognised Playing Divisions Policy

Purpose of policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide the definitive list of playing divisions which FIT recognises. This policy gives clear direction to Member NTA’s allowing them to engage in planning exchanges and is essential in allowing FIT to produce world rankings.

Policy scope and application

This policy applies to all Tier 1-5 events as identified by the FIT Event Classification Policy.


Age group
an upper or lower date of birth boundary used to distinguish eligibility
a gender qualifier used to distinguish eligibility
the combination of an age group or open age group with a category
Open age group
the absence of an upper or lower date of birth boundary
the outcome of combining two factors

Regulatory background


Policy statement

Not all divisions will be contested at all events.

Eligibility to compete in a recognised division is defined by the FIT Player Eligibility Policy.

FIT recognised playing division policy

Recognised categories

Recognised age groups

Recognised divisions

Open divisions

Youth divisions

Senior divisions


Enquiries in relation to this policy should be directed to the FIT Event Commission Chair.




This document has been authorised by:

Approval Authority
Sport Development Officer
Responsible Officer
Event Commission Chair
Date first approved
25 October 2016
Date last amended
15 December 2017
Effective start date
25 October 2016
Date to be reviewed
1 August 2023