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Governance Commission Member

About the Federation of International Touch

The Federation of International Touch (FIT) purpose is to facilitate and nurture the development of Touch globally by working closely with Member organisations and key stakeholders.

FIT activities provide international pathways for Member Associations (players, coaches, referees, selectors, administrators and volunteers) and also facilitate the holding of quality international events, the availability of resources and the delivery of development programs.

FIT undertakes its activities in accordance with the objects, powers, requirements and proceedings as described in the FIT Constitution (the Constitution), and with a commitment to high levels of ethics and integrity.

The FIT Constitution states the composition of the Board shall comprise of elected and appointed directors. The Board composition and governance structure can be found at the Federation website. In addition to their governance and operational responsibilities as a Board member, each Director is responsible for leading a specific portfolio area.

Primary Objectives of the Position

The Governance Commission Member plays a key role in supporting the ongoing development of Touch globally through a commitment to good governance and risk management.

The position works closely with the FIT administration/operations and National Touch Organisations (NTOs) to facilitate good governance practices by providing expert advice, assisting in developing FIT endorsed resources, supporting project-specific working groups considering governance matters, and facilitating networking opportunities to share ideas and experiences.

The Governance Commission consists of the Chair and a maximum of 10 members (2 maximum per region), representing the FIT regional structure and a commitment to diversity wherever possible. The Commission may also invite professional or expert advisors to join the Commission from time to time to assist with items that require specific technical or subject matter expertise.

The position of FIT Governance Commission Member is a voluntary position.

Length of Term

The Governance Commission Member shall be appointed from the date of appointment to one month after the next election of Board members at the World Cup (approximately four-year cycle). In the event that the FIT Board does not appoint the FIT Governance Commission Chair and members prior to the expiry of their individual terms of appointment, the Chair and members may continue in office past the expiry date of appointment to maintain continuity of service until the FIT Board makes new appointments.

Appointments made during the four-year cycle and between Annual General Meetings will conclude as per the timeframe detailed above.

Meetings and Time Commitment

The Governance Commission Member may be required to spend an estimated 15 hours per month carrying out the position and undertaking responsibilities, however this may vary subject to the work program and particular activities that may occur from time to time.

Annual activities and time commitment include the following:

Commission Meetings

Attendance at FIT Events/Conferences/Workshops as may be required

The Governance Commission Member may be required to travel internationally.

Expenses incurred through undertaking the responsibilities of the position are subject to reimbursement and/or payment by FIT in accordance with FIT Financial Policies.

Key Position Relationships

Internal relationships include:

External relationships include:


As defined in the FIT Delegations.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Qualifications and Other Requirements

Mandatory Qualifications

Other Requirements:

Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Attributes

Additional Information

Contact Person

Enquiries regarding this Position Description are to be directed to the FIT Governance Director.


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23 February 2021
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23 February 2021
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23 February 2021
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